Walcha Kits




Mally Sharks (mother), Unknown father (last name was Kits)



Walcha Kits is a character that debuted in Oops. She is eight years old, and lead to Carter and Sadie with the recruiting tool. Her mother is Mally Shark, while her father, who she shares her last name with, is unknown


She wears glasses and has darker skin, due to spending most of her life in Eygpt. She sports a white shirt and white pants for excersize, and a blue jacket over purple and blue clothes when she is not excersizing.


Kits happens to be an intellectual genius taken from her mother's side. She went to middle school when she was only 8. She wants no harm in her way and leads a usually peaceful life until she came cross Carter and Sadie.


  • She is in the 9th grade.

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