A few months later, I was waiting for Nico at Camp Jupiter. He had sent me a message saying that the 'Doors of Death' had been opened, and he was going to try and bring Bianca back to life again. But when he arrived, he was leading a different girl.
She had dark brown skin and red-brown hair. The irises of her eyes shown the same pure gold as the golden glitter swirling through her black Duat aura. I recognized her, of course. Another half blood from my vision. They walked up to me.

"Who is this?" I asked Nico.

The girl stepped forward and answered for him, "Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto."

I looked at Nico like, no way. But he nodded.

I smiled at Hazel. "I'm Stella." I held out my hand and we shook.

Later, after Hazel had been accepted by the Fifth Cohort, Nico explained. "Bianca went for rebirth, but I met Hazel in Asphodel. She still knew who she was so I thought she deserved a second chance. She's from the 1940s."

At this point I was just annoyed with Bianca di Angelo. I mean, didn't she get how much she meant to Nico? Would coming back to life really kill her? Oh... sorry, bad pun. But still!

I liked Hazel, though. She seemed like a good person, and we became really good friends.

A few months later, a quest was called, and Hazel was part of it. So was Percy Jackson. I got Hera's little exchange idea, of course, I knew her secret name. She swapped Jason and Percy to build trust between Greece and Rome. But it was also really hard to not tell either of them who they were, so I just avoided them. The same day Hazel and Percy left for their quest, Nico left on his own. "I'm going to try to find the Doors of Death on the Underworld side." He told me.

I nodded. "Good luck. Try not to... you know, die."

He smiled. "I'll do my best."

He melted into shadow and disappeared.

So ya, now I'm back at Lotus, writing all of this down and waiting for Nico to get back. I'll probably write more soon, but bye for now-

~Stella, The Half Blood Magician