The years passed. I remained in the Karpoi and Lotus Flower eaters company, sipping magical herbal, lotus tea. I learned to use the galactic celestial bronze gun 3.0. I met a son of Poseidon and a daughter of Erebus.

"Megan, you should really add some Stygian Iron to my fishhook if you want us to win the combat," said Maui.

"I told you, I'm not going to waste my authority on some stupid, magical hook," said Megan.

"This Magical Hook can pull down the sun and it's not stupid," said Maui.

"Flip onto the other table," I yelled as a warrior threw a spear at me.

I cursed in Ancient Egyptian. I had learned them in an ancient basement, I was secretly learning the path of Khepri.

I concentrated and the floor set fire. "Now, Maui, Megan, I yelled.

I shot with my Galactic Gun hitting two sword fighters, the talent of a son of Apollo. I flipped and dogged another spear. Maui attacked with his magical hook and it turned purple sending a wave of blue energy to our enemies. Megan ducked as someone shot at her and threw her sword like a frisbee